Department of conservation and restoration of cultural properties
Since 2008 Conservation and restoration of cultural properties, as an academic undergraduate program (B.A. level) was established in FAA, Main activity of this department is to educate the students for conservation and restoration of cultural properties in B.A. level. During this four year program, they have to learn the scientific way of protection and conservation of tangible cultural heritage including: artifacts, artworks, decorations, archaeological remains, as well as museum collections. In the last year of this program, students practice a real project of conservation and restoration in close cooperation with Iranian Cultural Heritage, Handcrafts and Tourism Organization ICHTO. Since 2019 M.A course of Conservation and restoration of cultural properties was established in FAA too.
Department of Archaeometry
Archaeometry, as an academic program in the M.A. level was established in 2011 in FAA, as the first academy in IRAN offering this program. Following two years of education conducted by FAA professors in close cooperation with other fellows from University of Tehran, University of Tabriz and Sahand University of Technology, the students would be experts in one the two branches of this program: archaeometry of inorganic artifacts, and archaeometry of organic artifacts. 

Department of Archaeology
The Department of Archaeology in Tabriz was started in the year 2017.The aim of the department is to showcase the rich heritage of North West of Iran in the western Asia. This is essentially a research department to disseminate knowledge about ancient cultural heritage of Iran a combination of fieldwork, analysis and publication. The Department has 2 Field sites. The Department of Archaeology with 2 sub-disciplines include: "prehistoric archeology” and Islamic era Archeology" was established in 2017 at the Faculty of applied arts in Tabriz Islamic Art University.

FAA has 3 laboratories and 6 restoration workshops equipped with the sophisticated equipments necessary for conducting these interdisciplinary programs. These facilities include:
  • General chemistry lab
  • Instrumental chemistry lab
  • Construction materials lab
  • Conservation & restoration of ceramics and stone workshop.
  • Conservation & restoration of organic materials (paper, textile, bone, ivory, photos, leather)
  • Conservation & restoration of wood artifacts
  • Conservation & restoration of panel paintings and mural paintings workshop
  • Conservation & restoration of metal works and metallography
  • Conservation & restoration of constructions materials

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