peer-reviewed, open access journal of Tabriz Islamic art University – aims to publish original research articles as well as review articles in all areas of archaeometry.

Articles cover a wealth of topics, ranging from dating studies of archaeological findings, to provenance, technology recognition and processing history of ancient artifacts.

Special issues or sections of the Journal are sometimes also published, comprising collections of articles relating to topics of broad interest to Iranian scientists.

The design and management of Journal is of high standards, with higher quality papers, an energized Editorial Board, and a timely publication schedule, which now includes rapid online publication ahead of print issues.

At the same time, the Journal seeks to promote open debate amongst archaeometrists committed to an idea of more communication across national frontiers and more interest in interpretation. And it publishes not only new data and interpretations, but also encourages debate about the role different fields of science plays in society, how archaeometry should be organized in a changing world, and about the ethics of scientifical practice.

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